Invitation to my doctoral defense

I’ve been mostly absent from the internets lately (with the exception of my very favorite procrastination method, Twitter), but I have 250 pages of a really good excuse. I’ll be defending my doctoral dissertation on 29 November in San Diego. It’s open to the public, so anyone in the area is invited to come on by! Unfortunately due to logistical constraints I will not be live-streaming or filming the defense, but maybe someone in the audience will do some tweeting.

13 Replies to “Invitation to my doctoral defense”

  1. Very, very best to you! I won’t say luck because I know you won’t need it– you’re awesome! (Do they televise or record these at all?) Hope everything goes smoothly, though :)

  2. Awwww, thanks so much everyone! I’ll be thinking of all my internet buddies!

  3. Best wishes on this one Miriam.

    But……damnit! Where can we read this? Publish on the webz please! Inquiring minds who love the Ocean want to know.

  4. All the best! We’ll be thinking of you and hope that someone will be tweeting live.

  5. Wishing you all the best. Hopefully someone in the audience will keep us up to date with tweets.

  6. Go Miriam! Remember the best Defense is a good offense, so bring beer for your committee.

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