#Scifund Rap Lyrics…You Got to Show the Cheddar

Yesterday, I spoke of Alex’s #Scifund Project (link to her project Chemical Warfare in the Intertidal).

@Alex_Warneke combines two of my loves in life, old school rap and sweet, sweet marine science all for her #SciFund challenge. Alex want to know how heavy metal contamination mucks up normal interactions between predators and prey. This in itself is a fundamental question that gets at the heart of how marine systems work and how humans are interfering with that. Alex needs a measly $2500 to support this work. Of course its small change until you are poor graduate student. How does the rap fit in. Alex’s clever video is a homage to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The video itself is worth a donation. I was going to post the video here but you should head over to her #Scifund page to view it.

So Alex was gracious enough to send me the lyrics to the song. Want to see them? Donate $50 to her project (which I will match the first to do so) and I will post them to DSN.

Here’s a taste

In west San Diego I was born and raised

In the lab is where I spend most of my days

Writin’ out grants cause money’s real cool

And reading some pubs between going to school

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  1. sorry for the divergence…..I can’t resist but you mentioned “cheddar” and music which indirectly points us to Richard Cheese. If you haven’t hear his lounge version of rock and rap tunes it is a guilty pleasure waiting for your laughter. Politically correct? No – but isn’t “freedom of speech” something we constantly say we are fighting to protect?

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