The Underwater Realm

I have been following the development of, and anticipating the release of, The Underwater Realm (Facebook page) ever since they started and subsequently overshot their Kickstarter by $40K! It was a great idea, to film nearly the entire movie underwater and to showcase 5 separate but related stories about humans contact with the civilization of Atlantis 5 times throughout history. Not convinced? Go to their homepage, check out their 75 weeks of video updates, read about the project and check out this trailer they just released today:

Still not convinced? Then watch it for yourself on Christmas Day, December 25th. They are releasing the film on YouTube in 4K – better than 1080 HD quality! – freely available to anyone around the world! Here is some more info from their YT page:

THE UNDERWATER REALM will be released worldwide on YouTube for everyone to experience on December 25.

For more information, check out:

or our Facebook page:

THE UNDERWATER REALM tells the story of five times throughout history that humanity has caught a glimpse of the survivors who still live on the ocean floor.

Created by a fully volunteer team, THE UNDERWATER REALM is arguably the most ambitious independent film project ever attempted. Made for less than half of the coffee budget for Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT*, the team has recreated five different time periods, developed their own underwater lighting and speaker systems, and built a life size, fully rocking gun deck of a Spanish Galleon. The team have trained and worked with some of Britain’s top SCUBA and free diving experts in order to bring this ambitious project to reality.

Every step of the production has been documented via a weekly video blog, followed by the project’s thousands of backers worldwide. THE UNDERWATER REALM is helmed by acclaimed independent filmmaker David M Reynolds, following on from his success with the award winning ZOMBLIES. ZOMBLIES has so far been watched by over four million viewers on YouTube, and attracted many influential fans, including Sir Richard Taylor, Head of WETA Workshop. Sir Richard memorably described the film as “Bloody fantastic, beautifully shot, truly suspenseful — great zombies!”

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  1. I’m so proud of the Realm team. I went to school with them and remember, very clearly, the making of their first fantasy mini epic; I was also an extra in their last feature, Zomblies. It’s astounding how far they’ve come and I couldn’t be more chuffed that they’ve received such acclaim with their work so far – truly couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

  2. Acclaim? It’s been universally panned and condemed as a waste if donor money. Where’s the acclaim. Happy they are your pals, but we’re not blind

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