Sperm Whales Be Messing With My Robot

An very large and unlikely visitor happens by during ROV operations. My favorite part is when you can see the tether, linking the ROV to the surface ship above, clearly riding on the sperm whales back.  That’s not good.

Best Youtube comment

i hate when im working thousands of feet below sea level, and a F****** SPERM WHALE comes out of F****** NOWHERE and tries to F*** WITH MY S***. i hate it when that happens.

7 Replies to “Sperm Whales Be Messing With My Robot”

  1. How deep was this? And what are the sizes of the objects in the video? (It’s hard to tell how big this whale is without a proper sense of scale.)

  2. Finally, proof of cetacean/robot interactions! My officemate is pretty convinced the high disappearance rate of robot gliders in the north atlantic is due to whales messing with them.

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