TGIF: Procrastinate, watch deep-sea videos, help science!

I know, its Friday. You’re probably staring at the the clock, or worse, stalking people on Facebook. Today, instead of passing on a viral video or irreverent internet meme, I’m going to encourage you to procrastinate FOR SCIENCE!

Sci Starter is a directory of citizen science projects around the world – scientists are looking for data, and they’re asking everyone to help out. Some projects require you to buckle up your bootstraps and head out into the field, while other projects (my kind of research) let you curl up with your coffee and laptop.

Digital Fishers is one such project that lets you do science from the comfort of your desk – computer algorithms can’t analyze video footage very accurately, so researchers employ citizen scientists to watch 15-second clips and answer basic questionnaires.

So what are you waiting for? Turn off Angry Birds and start doing science!

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