The Deeplings at Science Online

A shoal of Deeplings will be attending this week’s Science Online conference in North Carolina. If you’ll be there, come say hi to Craig, Al, Kim, Holly, and me. (Sadly, Rick and Kevin can’t make it.) We’ll be joined by many equally lusty ocean compadres. Come say hi! You can find us at our sessions (see below) or by following the sounds of clinking glasses and/or shanty singing.

If you won’t be at the conference, you can still participate! You can join a watch party if there’s one in your locale, follow the conference on Twitter at #scio13, and follow our shenanigans at #DSNsuite.

Sessions that the Deeplings are moderating:

Session 1B & 2A : Why should scientists ‘do’ outreach? – Miriam Goldstein, Matt Shipman & Karen James

Session 1D: Impressions matter: Embracing art & design in research and science communication – Holly Bik and Liz Neeley

Session 8B: What happens when people start taking your online ramblings seriously – Miriam Goldstein and Holly Bik