TGIF: “Journey to the Deep and Within”, modern Chinese ink paintings of the underwater realm

I was going to give you a post about sea snakes to commemorate Chinese New Year, but I decided they’re just too creepy. Go check out some YouTube videos and see how long you last (I can only take about 10 seconds of footage).

Instead, I figured I’d highlight something more soothing–Modern Art in China. In particular, the work of one particular female artist, Yu Lanyin, who currently has a traveling exhibition of 49 contemporary ink paintings focusing on the underwater marine world. She’s been scuba diving for 27 years (!) and uses art as a passionate plea for marine conservation. Here’s a tantalizing sample of her exhibition, “Journey to the Deep and Within”:

“Journey to the Deep and Within” [all images courtesy of Women of China/Fan Wenjun]

Unfortunately, there’s not much more information available about her exhibit online (at least not in English, even though the event in Beijing was co-sponsored by the American Embassy)–very frustrating given the marine conservation message Lanyin is trying to promote! The show has also just closed in Shanghai so I won’t be able to visit and report back. There does appear to be an exhibit book that can satisfy your intrigue, but fingers crossed the works will make their way Stateside.

So in honor of Friday, take a little time out and explore some ocean-themed art!