Extra, Extra! Getcha bookmarks ready and keep track of Deep-sea research!

Exciting things have been happening in the Deep-sea community these past few years – we’re gaining online momentum! My bookmarks are filling up with more and more links, fueling my lunchtime and late-night procrastination..

Marine scientists and Deep-sea fanatics alike will be keen to keep tabs on some of these resources, which often fly under the radar:

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INDEEP – the International Network for Scientific Investigations of Deep-Sea Ecosystems maintains a portal website, with links to new publications, meeting/conferences, policy initiatives and cruise news. It also funds projects  across five active working groups:

  1. Taxonomy and evolution
  2. Global biodiversity and biogeography
  3. Population connectivity
  4. Ecosystem function
  5. Anthropogenic impact and social policy

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Deep-Sea Life – a brand new newsletter published by INDEEP. The first issue (March 2013) is hot off the presses:

[Deep-Sea Life is] a new informal publication for the deep-sea biology community.  This newsletter aims to deliver curent news regarding projects, new papers, meetings and workshops, cruises, student progress, jobs and training opportunities, opinion pieces and other useful information for the science community and all interested parties.

Deep-Sea Biology Society – Yeah baby, soon we’ll be organized! Bhavani Narayanaswamy (Scottish Institute for Marine Sciences) and DSN’s very own Dr. M. are heading up the formation of a Deep-sea League of Researchers. Soon we’ll have our very own scientific society! More info can be found in the inaugural issue of Deep-Sea Life, but watch this space for an announcement when the society officially launches (hopefully later this year).

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I am a computational biologist at the University of California, Riverside. My research uses DNA sequencing and genomics to study microbial eukaryotes (yeah, nematodes!) in marine ecosystems, with an emphasis on evolution and biodiversity in the deep-sea. I can neither confirm nor deny that I like Unix more than I like going to sea.

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