New field blog: Imaging the Arctic

Art and science. Their paths don’t always cross, but when they do the results can be absolutely stunning. And this is exactly why I am highlighting the wonderful new collaboration by scientist Kristin Laidre and artist Maria Coryell-Martin, “Imaging the Arctic. ” It is an elegant field blog based around Dr. Laidre’s fieldwork with Narwhals in Greenland, illustrated by the hand of Coryell-Martin.

This blog goes beyond just producing fascinating, yet typical, photos of working in frozen lands. Coryell-Martin creates lovely 5×7 field sketches of narwhals, sea ice, scientists at work and even a couple of snapshots of life in Niaqornat, Greenland where the scientific team operates from.

Narwhals, 7” x 5” field sketch, by Maria Coryell-Martin

I have to admit as oceanographic instrumentation junkie, I am particularly partial to these watercolors of hydrophones.

1 of 16 hydrophones anchored with lead weights, and single sensitive hydrophone, 5” x 7” field sketches, by Maria Coryell-Martin

Not only do we learn about Marine Mammal research, but if you check out Coryell-Martin’s personal blog she discusses what is it like to produce art while on an expedition. Who knew vodka makes an excellent anti-freeze for watercolors?!