Break through 2 months of Antarctic sea ice in 5 minutes

Love, love, love, love this video. Marine scientist Cassandra Brooks strapped a camera to the front of NSF’s icebreaker the Nathaniel B. Palmer as it sailed for two months through the ice-choked Ross Sea off Antartica. But unlike her, you don’t have to sit through two-months of ice smashing while fighting your shipmates for the last fresh vegetable to enjoy the Southern Ocean. She has condensed the voyage into a fascinating 5-minute time lapse. The stunning visuals combined with her wonderfully uncluttered narration is just perfect. Great descriptions of sea ice (WOOT!) and penguins that are really frickin’ cute at artificially high speeds.

Want more sea ice and Antarctica?  Brooks blogged about being a scientist aboard an ice breaker at National Geographic.  Also includes some interesting history of Antarctic exploration.

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