“Why should men have all the fun?” The seafaring ladies of physical oceanography

There are definitely a lot of research cruise videos out there. But this one caught my eye because, HEY, it focuses on physical oceanography! You learn about the Agulhas current, expensive s**t is thrown into the ocean and you get to meet a bunch of female physical oceanographers!  It’s a little long but definitely worth watching all the way through.

This ocean expedition, lead by RSMAS scientist Lisa Beal and going on for the last three years, also has a pretty slick website.  For tech nerds like me, you can check out the instrumentation used to measure the Agulhas Current.

Full disclosure and shameless plug:  I know Lisa Beal (she’s awesome IRL) through a mentoring program for female Physical Oceanographers, MPOWIR. If you are just a female physical oceanography graduate student, postdoc or early career scientist you should definitely check the program out. It has helped me and many other PO ladies to navigate the twists and turns we have faced in our scientific life and career.

h/t to @marinexplore for the link to the movie