TGIF: “Okeanos” – Marine Life & Modern Dance

True story: I only found out about this dance troupe because one of my collaborators sat next to the dancer who plays the octopus on the plane. And because of these serendipitous circumstances, I bring you “Okeanos”, a stunning modern dance performance that was developed to educate audiences about marine environments.

Inspired by the Coral Triangle and California’s Kelp forest, Okeanos was developed in collaboration with world-renowned marine biologists and oceanographers. This dance/cirque performance incorporates choreography, apparatus, and set design by Capacitor Artistic Director Jodi Lomask and the voices of Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Tierney Thys. Okeanos includes video art by RJ Muna and Toshi Hoo, underwater cinematography by David Hannan, sound composition by EOKaya ProjectBeats Antique, edIT, and Tipper, vocalizations by Anka Draugelates, violin by Julia Ogrydziak, and costumes by Kimie Sako & Becky Karthage. Okeanos is performed by Mayuko Hosoai, Elliott Gittelsohn, Naomi Hummel, NancyKate Seifkar, Maggie Powers, and Micah Walters.

The main highlight reel (with voiceover by Sylvia Earle!):

And of course, the Octopus dance:

You can find more information about Okeanos and more videos on the Capacitor dance troupe website.