Traveling = An excuse to drink cocktails!

This post is an homage to the wonderful things that we scientists discover when we travel (for SCIENCE!). You see, traveling is an integral part of any marine biology career. Ships depart from far-off places like Cape Town and Santiago. Conferences convene in New Zealand, Iceland, and Korea. Hell, all that awesome traveling the main reason I got into science in the first place (someone actually pays me to be a jetsetter). Part of the fun is discovering the best foreign tipple. Some of us search out local dives, others stick to brewpubs and wine bars. But if you know me at all, you know that I’ll be the one scoping out the chicest cocktail bars in town.

My favorite time to do Marine Biology is at 2am. In Manhattan.

New York rivals London for the most fabulous cocktails on earth. City life + good cocktails are a critical part of my inspiration as a scientist, and I’m always ecstatic when my work brings me to NYC. I’ve been to countless foreign cities, but Manhattan dominates the list for the best cocktails I’ve had in my life.

One of my new favorite bars in New York is The Beagle on Avenue A in Alphabet City. Not only is the bar named after Darwin’s infamous ship, but they’ve got pictures of his finches on the menu!

Warning: Last time I went to The Beagle I spent $70 on cocktails. Your bank account will not be happy, but your tastebuds may reach Enlightenment.

If you like Sherry you will be in trouble. Sherry cocktails are a particular specialty of the Beagle, and I was woefully ignorant of their deliciousness until two months ago! And as a tribute to my new travel discovery, I bring you a sherry cocktail recipe to drink as you wistfully peruse their website:

Sherry Cobbler

The “King of Sherry Cocktails” according to the New York Times:

The only reusable photo I could find of a Sherry Cobbler. Seriously, why are all cocktail photos copyrighted?!? (photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

In a shaker half-filled with chunky ice, put 3 ounces amontillado sherry, 1 level bar spoon superfine sugar and 3 quarter-inch-thick wheels of orange and a quarter-inch-thick wheel of lemon. Shake well. Strain into a footed tumbler or julep glass filled with small pellets of ice. Garnish with another wheel of orange and of lemon, and a mint sprig. Drink through a long straw. [recipe from the New York Times, of course]

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  1. I am about to travel to NYC very soon and I will definitely use that as an excuse to grab a drink…or 2. I found a great book to help me plan my meals and drinks by Monica DiNatale called Guide 365 New York City for it’s info. It’s been a great resource for places all around NYC, but I know where I will be frequenting when I am there so I am looking for some info on great places near where I will be! This is a great tip and thanks!

  2. Hey Jerri, thanks for the recommendation on that book. I am also headed that way soon so I purchased this one. I found a link right to the book though, The other is to the author’s personal site, which I think you can still get to the book with, but the other one will take you right to it! Thanks again!

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