Zombie Coral Apocalypse

This past week I had the pleasure of listening to Kate Furby (@seakaterun) from Scripps Institute of Oceanography talk about her research on the Zombie Coral Apocalypse. Yes. You heard me right. ZOMBIE CORALS.

Specifically, Kate is studying the encrusting coral Porites superfusa (reminds me of Mufasa…) located off Palmyra, a small coral atoll one hop, skip, and a puddle jump away from the coast of Hawaii. Kate’s research investigates the recovery mechanisms of corals after drastic coral bleaching events and how these corals can even come back from the dead!!!

Check out this wonderful video re-cap from the brilliant minds at PhD comics:


For the full article and more about Kate’s research here @ PhD Comics

Also, check out Kate’s recent Ted talk on how she is helping to change the way we communicate science. Here.

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