A Bad Ass Squid Demands A Bad Ass Tattoo

Master beard grower, Richard Newman, shared on the DSN Facebook page his totally amazing tattoo.  Yep it’s Magnapinna.  I think we can all raise a pint and agree that Richard Newman has clearly won. UPDATE: The tattoo was inked by Myck McClung at Three Saints Tattoo in Pensacola, Florida

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3 Replies to “A Bad Ass Squid Demands A Bad Ass Tattoo”

  1. Thank you so much DSN! I learned about the Big Fin Squid years ago from an ROV operator on a vessel I worked on. He showed me the video of one that they had filmed while conducting operations on the sea floor. I will be doing a full deep sea creature leg sleeve. That’s just the first piece I chose as how there is little known about the Big Fin Squid.

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