TGIF: This Glacier is NOT a photo

This BLOWS MY MIND. This is not a photo, it’s a drawing using pastels:

Photo from

The artist is Zaria Forman, and she’s using the pieces to get people thinking about climate change:

Chasing the Light is an art expedition led by artist Zaria Forman that draws inspiration from breathtaking geography to create equally striking art…The artist says, “My hope is that these drawings bring awareness, and invite viewers to share the urgency in a hopeful and meaningful way. Art can facilitate a deeper understanding of any crisis, helping us find meaning and optimism in shifting landscapes.” As a continuation of her work addressing climate change, Forman is currently in the Maldives for the month. She explains, “As the lowest-lying country in the world, the Maldives will likely be the first nation submerged by rising seas.”

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Forman’s Greenland 2012 drawings go to 350, an organization dedicated to solving the global climate crisis. (See the original article at My Modern Met for more details)

And in case you don’t believe me about these images NOT being photos, here’s proof from the artist:

Image from

HT to Perrin Ireland for news about this awesome art!

3 Replies to “TGIF: This Glacier is NOT a photo”

  1. I’ll treat global warming (I mean, climate change) like a crisis when Al Gore and company begin treating it like a crisis.

    They could use videoconferencing instead of flying around in private jets, reduce the number of 10,000-square foot mansions they own (Gore has at least three and probably more), and otherwise reduce their carbon footprints.

    Turns out that the UN’s climate models failed to take into account that bright yellow burning orb in the sky. You may know it as “the sun”.

    Check out “Maunder Minimum” on Google sometime and find out why we’re actually entering a new Ice Age. We’ll need all the warming we can get.

  2. Is that first comment under rule 6 or 11? I’ll take a shot anyway and then complain that I did.

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