Bringin' Shanty Back

Much to the dismay of many of my lab mates, I am unable to do science without some form of musical entertainment. I have even had faculty members comment on my “studio” a.k.a. cold room jam sessions. What can I say…if science doesn’t work out…pop stardom calls.

Historically speaking however, I am not alone in my need to strike up a work tune or two. Though the sailors of old weren’t breaking out J.T. on deck, shantey’s were not uncommon amongst ship crews.

Check out this great new video from Mystic Seaport on the history and purpose of one of our favorite musical melodies, the sea shanty (or chantey if you are Old English like that).

…and to get you through the Monday morning grind….here is one of the best shanty’s of all time. You’re welcome.

2 Replies to “Bringin' Shanty Back”

  1. Playlists are something I wish I had prepared before embarking on my first cruise! It takes planning to put together energetic music that will appeal to other people sharing the lab space. And while we’re linking to Muppet songs at sea, I’m surprised you didn’t include this one from Muppet Treasure Island!

  2. Funny you should bring up shanties. I am in a nautical band called The Seadogs. All we do are shanties, songs about the ocean, and for fun….Piracy. My love of the ocean, and all things nautical including shanties is what brought me to to begin with.

    Check us out if you like.

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