These are a few of my favourite species: sarcastic fringehead

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Most submissions to the “These are a few of my favourite species” series are interesting, to be sure.  Cute, even.  You got your fuzzy faced seals and your pretty nudibranchs and such.  They’re…nice.  But the rest of the DSNers can take a hike cos mine’s a bona fide winner.  While your nudibranch is gradually oozing across a rock, mine is romping into the end-zone and spiking the ball.  Your carrier shell, your torpedo ray and your carnivorous sponge are all one trick ponies.  Mine is a genuine triple threat.  Y’see, the sarcastic fringehead has it all: extraordinary adaptaion, amazing behaviour and perhaps the all-time best animal name.  Ever. Anywhere.  Eat that, brachiopod (do you even eat? really? WTF is a lophophore???). Don’t just take my word for it; let David Attenborough break it down for you. Stick around for the true awesomesauce at around 2:00, then give it up for the undisputed baddest blenny around

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  1. well, I will not see how sarcastic is this sarcastic fish because that video seems not available for every countries … Damn

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