This is now my favorite boat ever.

I do not know how I lived so long without knowing about The Martini 1.5 Experimental Boat. I MEAN WE SHARE THE SAME NAME. This full-suspension boat can tackle big waves, remain level and I am pretty sure just about eliminate seasickness completely (chronic seabarfs….I haz it). And the concept behind the name…ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Not long after that, he moved on to the idea of the Martini: a boat that rides so smoothly, no wave will spill your cocktail. -Alex Davies,Wired Magazine


No bounce here people. [source: Wired]
More info at

Martini 1.5
This Dr. Martini needs to be drinking a Martini on the Martini for the most meta oceanographic research cruise ever.


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  1. (chronic seabarfs….I haz it) ugg me too! Maybe we should put a post together on all the marine scientists who get wretched sea sick!

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