Epic Science Raps of History – A teaser

It all started on a perfect San Diego summer night, Taco Tuesday to be exact (For those of you who don’t live in the local area, all things good in the world happen at Taco Tuesday). My friend and colleague from Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Levi Lewis, had called a meeting of the science rap braintrust, so of course I was there. After plenty of tacos and delicious micro-brews, Levi looked over to me, “So I have been working on this thing, I think you might be interested….it’s a rap I have been putting together about coral reefs.” Finishing dinner, we took a walk and I innocently stated, “So…hit me with it and we will see what we can do.”

I wasn’t quite prepared for what I heard next….

Not to get too Kanye on you, but perhaps one of the best science rhymes of all time.

Because DSN readers are my favorite, below you will see the world-premire, first look of what is promising to be the most epic merge of aquatic sciences and hip hop to date. Prepare yourselves and stay tuned.

For more epic science raps (because who doesn’t love ’em), check out the newest round of videos put out by the Bio Logik Project this past week. Bio Logik is the deeper understanding of Biology and Ecology that is achieved when science, hip hop, and videos merge. Our collaboration emphasizes the production of scientifically accurate music videos that 1) create a more personal connection between students and science and 2) make science accessible to a broader audience.