Reef Roulette

Isn’t coral reef conservation hard enough without having to also constantly re-invent yourself for every swing of the funding pendulum? Well your friends here at Deep Sea News sympathize, so we’ve come up with this handy online answer to your restricted funding woes! Simply spin the wheels below to select your Reef Threat, your Brand New Solution™, and your next Funder. Yes, it’s just that simple! What?! Your Development Team has already used that approach with a funder before? Well just spin again and add another threat or intervention, silly!

The Fine Print: Funding valid only at participating funders, which in this case means no funders. Not to be combined with other offers or somehow cleverly duplicated. Unlimited spins per visit, but really don’t you have better things to do. Please cite your use of this tool and DSN to the funder, but don’t be surprised when they don’t fund you. DSN or its affiliates, friends, family, pets, and mascots are not responsible for lost revenue. If you really feel compelled to file a complaint, please direct all grievances to Miriam since she works on The Hill and could use the laughs. This is the fine print, why are you still reading this? Really, this is getting silly, go spin the damn wheels. ©2015

Now get cracking!