Long May Your Big Jib Draw


Goodbyes are the worst things ever. EVER. Especially when it comes to two people I have looked up to for so long. Not only are Al and Rick impeccable science communicators, when I think of tangible hope for our oceans…their names are at the top of the list. I could not think of two finer gentlemen on the front lines of oceanic research and conservation. I salute you both.

Al- I hope that my secret dream of stowing away on a research vessel and frolicking with you through fields of whale sharks…is still a viable plan.

Rick- Since we have never met in person, I can’t confirm or deny your existence. But I live vicariously through your Facebook adventures and conservation conquests. I hope one day our mugs may clink in joyous union. Vinaka my friend.

As I stand here at the edge of the dock, I pour two shots of only the finest  scotch into the briny blue. A high toast to each of you. And in true DSN fashion, I bid thee farewell on the sails of a shanty.