Awesome nerd joke hidden in Wikipedia’s “List of Cetaceans”

First, two key facts: 1) Whales and dolphins and all those sorts are called cetaceans. It’s the science word for whales and dolphins. 2) When there’s a statement on Wikipedia that doesn’t have a source, helpful Wikipedia elves put a tiny [citation needed] by the alleged ‘fact’ in ‘question’.

K. Now, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the wonderful person who populated Wikipedia’s “List of Cetaceans” article with these:

cetacean 4.001

To anonymous editor on 19 December 2012: thank you. You made my Tuesday.

5 Replies to “Awesome nerd joke hidden in Wikipedia’s “List of Cetaceans””

  1. Oh man! Somebody humorless removed it!

    They did the same thing when I tried to add ‘Octokittens’ as a nickname for Jumping Spiders.


  2. Octokittens is brilliant. I am sorry for your loss.

    And [cetacean needed] is back!! Hah!

    My favorite part is that it’s not just a joke–it’s also true! A cetacean picture is needed in those spots. Hopefully whomever was having a humorless day will realize the accuracy of [cetacean needed] and let it be.

    edit: and it’s gone…boo!

  3. Let the battle commence!

    If the cetaceans win, I’m willing to renew the fight for the octokittens!

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