GIF Week at DSN

giphyFrom December 6th to the 12th, we are getting giffy with it at DSN.  We’ll be posting marine science GIF roundups,GIFs of our favorite animal behaviors,GIFs of oceanographic equipment being deployed,GIFs of currents,GIFs explaining science, and much more.  We will even be creating some new GIFs just for you.

Are you a scientist and want contribute to DSN GIF Week with your own science and gifs?

Have your own blog? Do a GIF post and provide us with the link and will promote it at DSN.

Want to flag a great GIF for us to highlight? Send it along!

Send as an email at [email protected] or flag us on Twitter at @deepseanews

BTW we will be having a GIF contest for everyone.  The rules are you have to use the DSN Giant Squid Logo.  The winner will get a special DSN logo’d beenie. As inspiration below is a GIF by our own Alex Warneke.