Dancing Squat Lobsters of the Deep

From former DSN’s own Peter Etnoyer (posts here) comes a great set of deep-sea GIFS.

Among the many revelations of recent studies of Gulf of Mexico deep-sea coral beds is that squat lobsters appear to be the lazy ninjas of the deep-sea. They sit waiting in coral beds practicing ju-jitsu while hapless squid drift by unawares. The crabs were presumed to be suspension feeders because of their posture on corals, but recent observations indicate they will attack fish and squid, even ROVs.

Squat lobster and deep-sea corals - Imgur
Squat lobster rocks out in a deep-sea coral bed 500 m deep in the Gulf of Mexico at a site called Mississippi Canyon 751 during Lophelia II: Reefs, Rigs, and Wrecks Expedition.