A little science, a little soccer. All while adrift on the ice.

BOATinIceThink you are hardcore because you’ve been on a research cruise for a week? A month? Three months? Well you ain’t got nothing on these researchers. FIVE MONTHS people. Oh and I did I mention, they froze themselves into the ice too?! FOR SCIENCE. Anyway, here’s a little peek into what it is like to be adrift in the Arctic Ocean in winter on the R/V Lance. The ice-bound isolation is stunning.

Dr. Martini (156 Posts)

Kim is a Senior Oceanographer at Sea-Bird Scientific. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the University of Washington in 2010. Her goal in life is to throw expensive s**t in the ocean. When not at sea, she has used observations from moored, satellite and land-based instruments to understand the pathways that wind and tidal energy take from large (internal tides) to small scales (turbulence). Her current mission is to make your oceanographic data be the best data it can be.