Surprise Theme Week: Tribute to our Leader, Dr M

SURPRISE! Like ninjas, we’re announcing a SURPRISE theme week here at DSN. All this week – from today until next Wednesday – we’re paying tribute to our friend and leader Craig McClain (AKA Dr. M here at Deep-Sea News).

Why? Because we felt it was time. And because we want to have some fun. And because we wanted to surprise Dr M (who up until this point had no idea this theme week was about to happen).

Dr M has tirelessly led this blog since 2005. That’s ELEVEN YEARS. DSN authors have come and gone, but Dr M has been here though it all. And it’s about damn time we give him a (virtual) high-five for all the work he’s done, and his unwavering leadership over the years.

And with that, we’re kicking off theme week under the banner of DSN Core Value #2: Saying things others do not.