Surprise Theme Week: Tribute to our Leader, Dr M

SURPRISE! Like ninjas, we’re announcing a SURPRISE theme week here at DSN. All this week – from today until next Wednesday – we’re paying tribute to our friend and leader Craig McClain (AKA Dr. M here at Deep-Sea News).

Why? Because we felt it was time. And because we want to have some fun. And because we wanted to surprise Dr M (who up until this point had no idea this theme week was about to happen).

Dr M has tirelessly led this blog since 2005. That’s ELEVEN YEARS. DSN authors have come and gone, but Dr M has been here though it all. And it’s about damn time we give him a (virtual) high-five for all the work he’s done, and his unwavering leadership over the years.

And with that, we’re kicking off theme week under the banner of DSN Core Value #2: Saying things others do not.


Holly Bik (160 Posts)

I am a computational biologist at the University of California, Riverside. My research uses DNA sequencing and genomics to study microbial eukaryotes (yeah, nematodes!) in marine ecosystems, with an emphasis on evolution and biodiversity in the deep-sea. I can neither confirm nor deny that I like Unix more than I like going to sea.