A Dream Job in Social Media and the Oceans Awaits

If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know that I am having the time of my life down here in southern Louisiana in my dream job as the Executive Director of a marine laboratory (LUMCON).  I mean seriously my job comes with fan boat rides.

#imonaboat well #imonafanboat

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But here is thing, I want to give another lucky person their dream job. Fan boats, the beautiful Southern Lousiana wetlands and coast, large research vessels, ROVs, drones, tons of wildlife, and of course an open door to some of the best marine science out there. You could have access to it all and get paid.

Wait? What?  No seriously, I need someone to experience it all and then fill LUMCON’s social media feeds with this awesomeness.  You get a nice paycheck and an awesome boss, me, who you will never need to explain the importance of social media to.

But seriously, this is a fantastic position with all the support a science communicator could hope for and the opportunity to build a social media program from the ground during a exciting growth face of marine research lab.

Apply now!