I Am With Her…and you can be too.

“Representation of women matters. When I see a woman doing something awesome and empowering, it inspires me to empower myself.”

–Patrice Banks (Materials Engineer, Super Cool Scientist Project)

Before I joined the crew here at DSN, I was an avid fan. I don’t even remember now how I happened along the salty wires to this blog, but I can tell you one of the number one reasons that I stayed.

There be women scientists up in here. *Snap* *Snap*

At the time, Holly and Miriam were the queens of the DSN sand castle and they were (and still very much are) my heroes. I even remember showing one of my friends Holly’s picture and being like, “she wears heels WHILE pipetting. I want to be just like her.” They were awesome and they made science sound as cool as I knew to be. 13963085_1383121345037584_8213729828989187282_o
But let me hit you with the realness. Up until that point, and well after, all my professors and faculty mentors were male. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I recall only two science classes taught by women. TWO. Are you freaking kidding me?? That wasn’t just Ecology, that was across Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, etc. Holly and Miriam had such an impact on my life because they represented everything I wanted to be, but wasn’t seeing ANYWHERE.

This is important people. And I know I am not the first to say it, nor the last. From my own experience however, I believe it is critical to spotlight and support women in our respective fields who are getting the job done.

On this thread, I recently happened upon the Super Cool Scientist Project. This is a coloring book currently being Kickstarted by science educator Sara MacSorley and I hope you might all consider supporting it. The book highlights 14 women across STEM fields and tells their stories in quite the innovative way. MacSorley states, “I wanted to design a book that empowers women currently in science careers and that also inspires young people to explore the possibilities science careers have to offer.”

If just 100 DSN readers gave $20 to the Super Cool Scientists, they could meet their goal and make this project a reality. Not only that, but then we could have an awesome coloring party cause you best believe I put my name in to get one.

Representation is important. It was important for me to see  women that I could relate to and look up to. I hope you will consider supporting this project for all the aspiring female scientists and explorers in your life.

Follow this project on Facebook @SuperCoolScientists or Twitter @SuperCoolSci

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  1. Miriam was the first real female scientist that reached out to me when I was new to Twitter, asking all the questions about science, after having not been in school for years and started up to do science (previously did English lit & poetry – and grew up in a poor Mexican American household with no science background/connections). Miriam is brilliant, hilarious AF and I am in awe of her, to be honest! Along with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Miriam was a great influence on my path to where I am now (looking at grad programs in marine bio!). So yes, representation and presence matters so much! I’m excited for this project & hope it can get funded!

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