Breaching instruments: The BEST of BAD ocean photoshop

There is an image of a breaching shark making the rounds on social media as National Geographic’s Image of the Year. Although admittedly shark breaching can be very impressive, THIS IS A BADLY PHOTOSHOPPED FAKE. And apparently not the first National Geographic Shark breaching photoshop controversy either.

Of course with all this publicity, I am SOO getting on the bad photoshop bandwagon. My friends, the bar has been lowered and I have a magic lasso.

DISCLAIMER: If any of these instruments actually breached, it would be very bad. Very, very bad. 

2 Replies to “Breaching instruments: The BEST of BAD ocean photoshop”

  1. Hey, hey, hey! A skilled OpenROV pilot *can* perform an 80% breach.

    And now I’m calling it the Martini Maneuver.

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