Have you been nautical or nice? A week of DSN holiday gift guides

It’s December. With all the parties, year-end-deadlines and general holiday shenanigans, have you found the perfect gift for that marine science-lover in your life? If you have, Cheers Matey! If not, DSN is here for you to help you get the deed done. This week we will be sharing our hand-curated guides for your gift giving pleasure. GO FORTH AND BE MARITIME AND MERRY.

And just to get the holiday cheer going, here’s a short selection of my favorite holiday cards gathered from my mantle and the interwebs.

This is one of my favorite holiday cards I’ve ever received. Handmade by my good friends Jacob and Sarah, nothing says the holidays like a sperm whale underneath the tree.

OR TENTACLE-TASTIC? You decide and then send it to your friends.

Boughs of holly on a rolling ship at sea. This screams I need DANGER in my holiday festivities my friends.

This card is absolutely inexplicable. Which is why I love it so,


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  1. I need the Clams (by the Cliffs of Dover…?) card. Where on Earth did you find that?

    I might be willing to part with an important organ to obtain one.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for splashes of humor.

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