In New England, We Love Our Football and our Barnacles

I’m not saying that the 50 yard line at Gillette stadium doesn’t have a barnacle on it, but, as pointed out by Will White, marine quantitative ecologist extraordinaire, the 50 yard line for the Pats Gillette stadium TOTALLY HAS A BARNACLE ON IT!!!

Photo courtesy of XN Sports –


Epic barnacle win!

Jarrett Byrnes (21 Posts)

Jarrett Byrnes is an Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston where he studies kelp forests and salt marshes. He earned his Ph.D. at UC Davis working at the Bodega Marine Lab studying the consequences of losing predator diversity in the sea. He loves cooking, and recommends trying to make bacon dashi: put two rinced pieces of kelp (~6") in 8 cups water. Heat to a boil and turn off. Steep for 10-15 min (depending on how kelpy you like it). Remove kelp, add 3/4 lb smoky bacon. Simmer 30 minutes. Add mirin, soy sauce, sake as needed for flavor. Let cool and refrigerate. Skim off fat. Now you have an amazing base to cook fingerling potatoes and clams in. Top with chopped crispy bacon and green onions (or pureed with oil). And for, well, everything else. (Adapted from the Momofuku recipe)

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