The DSN Superteam Just Got Bigger

We are not messing around at DSN.  We are building our ranks. We are coming back strong.

I am very excited to announce the addition of two new writers at DSN.  Both are excellent researchers with black belts in science-fu.  Their scicomm skills are on fleek.

The first to join is Dr. Jarrett Byrnes, kelp, marsh, and general marine ecologist extraordinaire. Look at this publication list!  It makes you tremble just looking at it. He’s got more publications in the hyperselective Ecology Letters than I can count.  You probably already know Jarrett on Twitter as @jebyrnes. Jarrett is also the creator and one one of my favorite blogs, with the best name ever, I’m a chordata! urochordata!

The second is Dr. Beth Orcutt a guru of the marine microbe and working at the intersection of biology, chemistry, and geology.  This.Is.Some.Awesome.Stuff.  In her own words because they’re way better than mine, “I explore life below the seafloor in sediments and the oceanic crust. I want to understand how microbes thrive in these deep sea environments, and how their life impacts the cycling of elements on Earth.”  And don’t even get me started on this publication list! I’m mean this paper has already got 220 citations. Yep. Dr. Orcutt is on the Twitter too at @DeepMicrobe.  And of course let’s not forget about the mad scicomm skills. Look at these videos!

I am elated to have them on board at DSN but it is putting my career in rather harsh perspective.

Before my last announcement, I think it only appropriate to provide a musical introduction.

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, I’m rocking my peers, Puttin’ suckers in fear.  This is the only introduction that I can think of that can sum up the return of marine conservationist and ocean defender Rick MacPherson to DSN.  Rick MacPherson is a marine ecologist, conservationist, and science writer with more than 30 years of experience.  Rick moved over to DSN from his blog Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice & Sunsets, where he wrote extensively on ocean science and conservation issues since 2006.  Rick was part of the DSN for years but left us a over a year ago for new pursuits.  BUT RICK IS BACK AND BRINGING IT STRONG.  All caps cannot even begin to express my excitement.

I’ve had a difficult time to articulating my thoughts and ideas in this new era for science communication.  Many have asked me what DSN will be doing. I’m surrounding myself with the best and then we are taking care of business. Again I rely upon a musical video to sum up some thoughts on how DSN, with a ever growing superteam, is going to approach those who would ignore science, deny climate change, gut science funding, run havoc on environmental protection, and any number of other sins. Well…it’s countdown to the scientists!

4 Replies to “The DSN Superteam Just Got Bigger”

  1. Well, it’s about time Jarrett! Looking forward to the new contributors’ thoughts and actions! Also, yay Rick!!

  2. Glad to see DSN is always growing! This promise interesting posts.

    I think DSN, and other media, that aim to bring science to a broad audience are really important. I hope they will in time help common sense to triumph over the demagogy and vested interests of climate deniers (and other intelligence deniers).

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