Pam DiBona: #IAmSeaGrant

With the publication of the current administration’s budget calling Sea Grant part of the “lower priority, and in many cases, unauthorized” parts of NOAA, we here at DSN are highlighting people who are or have been supported by Sea Grant. If you would like to share your story with us about why #IAmSeaGrant, please send it to us.

Pam DiBona is an environmental scientist who has worked in the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors on marine issues.

I am Sea Grant

Well… I’m not, really – I’ve never been an official employee or fellow or intern – but I think of Sea Grant as a best friend.

Best friends help when you’re trying to figure out how to share the Ocean Literacy Principles, or develop a logic model to evaluate an educational program (thanks, CT Sea Grant!); or understand the intricacies of maritime law (thanks, RI Sea Grant!), or team up on a homeowners’ guide about coastal hazards (thanks, Woods Hole Sea Grant!); or find someone to explain the connection between eelgrass and Blue Carbon to a group of strangers over a pint (thanks, MIT Sea Grant!); or inspire hundreds of volunteers to get muddy (thanks, NH Sea Grant!); or need the latest word on shellfish aquaculture in the Northeast (thanks, Maine Sea Grant!).

In other words, Sea Grant is always there, ready to inspire, educate, investigate, and just plain get things done on the coast. Let’s keep it that way.