Ain’t No Party Like a Yeti Party

This painting is called “Party of Yeti’s”….basically best title ever.

California based artist and dabbler in the deep sea, Lily Simonson had me at “Party of Yeti’s.” In a new exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History entitled Lily Simonson: Painting the Deep, Simonson features her large scale interpretations of the denizens of the deep. “Inspired by explorations of deep ocean life made in collaboration with Harvard University Professor Peter Girguis, Simonson’s art reflects a passion for the process of science, deep affection for the natural world, and dedication to seeking out and “bringing to light,” the beauty and mystery of places and lifeforms little known and rarely seen.”

In her show, the museum describes, “six original mural-sized paintings that literally glow with luminescent pigments and together create an immersive visual experience where light and color materialize out of a sea of darkness, giving form to a hidden alien universe. Through her extraordinary art, Simonson envelops us in this astonishing world, invites us to share in the excitement of exploration and discovery, and challenges our preconceptions of what it is to be alive.”

Simonson and Dr. Girguis will be presenting a free public lecture on this work – March 14th, 2019. For information or to watch the live stream, please visit:

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  1. Luminescent paint for luminescent creatures is a good idea, I’d love to see these in person.

    but the apostrophe :(:(:(:(

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