The Ocean Cleanup and Floating Marine Life

Earlier this year I warned that The Ocean Cleanup would catch and kill floating marine life. This week they announced they’re collecting plastic, and their picture shows HUNDREDS of floating animals trapped with plastic (red circles). We need to talk about this.

I’ve been raising the call on twitter, but recently I noticed that the image resolution of the image in question, downloaded from The Ocean Cleanup’s website, has changed. The image I downloaded yesterday was a higher resolution than the image I downloaded this morning. To help people better understand the issue, below I have provided the original high res image from The Ocean Cleanup (note it was not originally a PDF, but that’s the only file format I could export it to that wouldn’t be automatically compressed by WordPress. Happy to email the original jpg to anyone interested).

The Ocean Cleanup’s original high-resolution image as PDF: full_res_ocean_cleanup

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  1. Are you suggesting that the ocean clean up is not viable and that it will do more damage than good? do you have any ideas of alternative solutions to the issue?

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