Razib Khan at Gene Expression

One of the finest “independent” science blogs out there.

Michael Robinson on NPR’s Where We Live: Explorers radio program

Deep Sea News is a great blog where they talk about the invertebrates of
the wild and the explorations to these places

10,000 Birds

Not only is Deep Sea News the world’s finest ocean blog, it is also the most authentic. For example, few people realize that marine scientists really do break out into bawdy shanties with little provocation.

Eatonweb Directory

Craig McClain could be a young ringer for Bruce Willis’ John McClain character in the action-packed “Die Hard” movies, if he weren’t a post-doctoral fellow at Monterey Bay Aquarium’s research arm. Peter Etnoyer is a research associate for Texas A&M Corpus Christi. These guys jointly produce this totally cool blog that follows all things aquatic-science and/or climate science related. The ocean sciences are always very popular with students regardless of whether they are studying science or plan to study science. There’s just something about the sea that people love, or at least tend to romanticize. The result for McClain and Etnoyer is one of the more educational and enjoyable blogs at the Seed group, definitely worth the time to read regularly.

Tangled Up In Blue Guy…

Deep Sea News has done some great work in bringing alive stories of the oceans on which we depend for so much of our food, our climate and our wonder.  They have been showing us how what happens in the down low affects what happens to us on the plains.  They have been showing us robot exploration vehicles.  They have been showing us how much fun it can be to be out on the sea, and how tedious it can be, too.

Underwater Thrills: Swimming With Sharks…

One of my personal favorite undersea blogs to visit over the past year has been Deep Sea News.  An eclectic mix of personal views and undersea critter fest-this blog had it all…the old blog [has] a certain “garage band” feel to it. You [can] almost smell the ’67 ‘Cuda engine with it’s 360 block, hot tanked, magnafluxed, new cam bearings, brass distributor gear sitting off to the side of the bass drum as the band belted out covers to Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones.


One of our favorite blogs

Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets…

knuckleheads of abyssal wonders…Craig, Peter, and Kevin are deep guys. And they know it…the Larry, Moe, and Curly of the ocean…

Blog Critics Magazine…

Deep Sea News is a partnership between Craig, a “post-doctoral fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute”, and Peter, a “Graduate Research Associate at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.” Fairly impressive titles, but this blog is salt of the earth, or in this case, salt of the sea. It casts back to the best traditions of popular science, sparking curiosity and bewonderment, explaining the phenomena in comprehensible language. It’s all about communication between the expert and an interested reader, a transfer of knowledge and ideas, sharing the passion. Multiple postings take place either daily or every other day, and when images are used, they are striking and effective. In fact, given the highly visual nature of their interests – the sea, it’s creatures, exploration vessels, wonderful kraken – photos could probably be used a bit more. And I’m also a big fan of sticking categories in the sidebar; don’t make me fish for it in the archives. Deep Sea News is a solid blog with wide appeal. Recommended.

From Max Kruemcke…

I just wanted to let you guys know how accessible and interesting I find your blog to be…Deep Sea News has really created an efficient bridge between a simple curiosity about the depths to the ongoing scientific advancements being made in the field. The diverse number of topics that you guys touch on, be it marine biology, nautical exploration techniques, current social or political issues, continue to pique my curiosity week after week. I initially started reading to learn more about large sea creatures (one of my favorite topics) as well to check out the very entertaining “sex week” articles. I continue to read today, and continue to learn. I thank you guys for your commitment to deep sea news. It’s really an excellent blog.

From Scuba Sptoz

one of the coolest blue blogs running right now. A place for all things “deep sea discovery”

Knight Science Journalism, Peer Review Within Science Journalism

A blog by experts, lively writing too

DeLene Beeland of Wild Muse in an interview at Blog Around the Clock

… my preferences are more clustered around content I find intriguing. Deep Sea News is great too because it has a unique tone.

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