Iron Fertilization Will Not Help Global Warming

BERLIN (AFP) — Indian and German scientists have said that a controversial experiment has “dampened hopes” that dumping hundreds of tonnes of dissolved iron in…

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Warfare Ecology

Six months ago in the yesteryear of 2008, Machlis and Hanson outlined in Bioscience a new subfield of study titled warfare ecology.  As the authors…

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There Is Plenty Oil!

Szabo is right, oil will sustains us for years to come, almost 20 or even 30. That means I can drive my Hummer around until I well into my 50’s. Those are going to be some very sweet times indeed. I can take my three-armed children down to the beach, its surely going to be a warm day, and play in the acidic ocean. And as I am driving home in my wonderfully large SUV, we can enjoy the beautiful sunset because of increased particulates in the air. What a glorious time!

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