Leatherback turtles: going where few air-breathers dare

When you hear about deep-diving, air-breathing animals, you might first think of colossal sperm whales plunging over 1,000 meters to battle giant squid in the dark abyss. Or perhaps you think of massive elephant seals spending over an hour at depths over a half a mile down chasing prey. But what about turtles?

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Megavertebrate Week

The writers at Deep Sea News are big fans of all things invertebrate. We bend over backwards trying to convince people that deep-sea worms, isopods, anemones, and squid are the coolest animals anywhere on Earth. We stick up our noses at charismatic megafauna like sea turtles and whales, thinking “What could possibly be so interesting about air breathing animals with bilateral symmetry?” We recognize that “normal people” like the vertebrates, … especially the marine megavertebrates.

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