Mining the Ocean Floor is Good!

The Mining Journal reports on statements by Nautilus representatives at the Numis Mining Conference with respect to criticism levied in Science.

Norgate argued that the high percentage of copper in the seabed surrounding Papua New Guinea would mean that less ‘land’ would need to be disturbed to generate the same amount of copper as open cut mining. She also said that water that was brought in during the dredging process would be purified before the water was returned to the ocean, preventing toxic pollution from entering the ecosystem.

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  1. If industry could be trusted to ensure no pollution one could
    agree with their attempts to recover copper ore etc. However, over the last fifty years industry has made many promises and assurances as they have systematically poisoned the world for a few fast bucks and the environment plus the people have ended up paying for it with their health, food supplies and massive environmental damage.

    I would therefore suggest that before any permission is granted, that they have insure against pollution so that they have to pay for the clean up, not the taxpayer to protect their profits!

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