Marine Life Videos are Better with a Live Studio Audience

I think I will randomly edit all movies to insert canned laughter at seemingly not funny moments. btw why are the japanese so freakin brilliant??? The musical edits are perfect!

Hat tip to the Pink Tentacle.

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

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  1. Wait you want content and facts??? I don’t have time for that! lol

    Its a pteropod, genus Clione. Coincidentally Clione is also a sponge genus, but the pteropod has priority. Not sure what happened to the sponge name…

  2. Nothing, I believe. The sponge genus is Cliona, not Clione.

    Both genera did have a family Clionidae named for them, though, with the gastropod Clionidae in the lead. I believe the sponge family is now Clionaidae.

  3. Enough about invertebrates, what about the tv show? I want to know the mental process by which a Japanese producer looks footage of a pteropod and thinks: lets cue up that music from Ringu and Damien III. Then we’ll put a laugh track over it. Perfect!

  4. Posted by: Kevin Z – “Sponges aren’t *real* animals anyways. just figments of our imagination.”

    Whooooo…… lives in a pineapple under the sea?

  5. Awesome video…very fun!
    I think this one goes up as part of a video intro to molluscs for the next invert bio course.

    But, Kevin, dissin’ the porifera?
    Is that the pulled pork speaking?

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