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Last week I posted an article about consulting for the marine sciences as a follow up to Craig’s story “how to be a deep-sea biologist“. If some of you are still scratching your heads about what’s possible as a consultant, check out Gaelin Rosenwaks’ new website for her consulting company Global Ocean Exploration. The site hosts some sweet high-definition video of Arctic Explorations.

Gaelin’s company fills a niche thats often missing on deep-sea expeditions, bringing outreach tools to an interested general public. Ship life can be too busy for blog posts, interviews, and video. NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research does a great job with this, but not every cruise comes equipped with a capable and educated outreach person. There’s only so many staff available.

Gaelin also gives public presentations to schools and such, something project PIs don’t always have time to do. So, there you go. Another good example of consulting opportunities in the marine sciences.

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  1. That is very cool. Especially that she has the science background as well as strong outreach. And some very bice toys!

    Just finished a mobe for cruise which will hopefully be producing some outreach products on deep corals off the Bahamas. I only wish I could have gone out with them. Will work for sea time and science?

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