Contemplating a Career Change

If marine biologist are the rock stars of science then marine archaeologists may be the millionaires.

Deep-sea explorers said Friday they have mined what could be the richest shipwreck treasure in history, bringing home 17 tons of colonial-era silver and gold coins from an undisclosed site in the Atlantic Ocean. Estimated value: $500 million.

In this photo provided by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Odyssey co-founder Greg Stemm, left, examines coins recovered from the “Black Swan” shipwreck with an unidentified member of the conservation team Thursday, May 17, 2007, at an undisclosed location. (AP Photo/Odyssey Marine Exploration)

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  1. Well turtle biologist definitely puts you on the top rung of the marine biologist ladder. Sadly, although honestly, I am probably on the lower rung as I study the muddy seafloor. Conservation angle makes you Bono!

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