Shipwrecked flagship HMS Victory discovered

hms_victory_in_battleReuters reports that artifacts from the 250 year old shipwreck of the British flagship HMS Victory have been recovered. The wreck was discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration in the Channel Islands, between southern Great Britain and Northern France.

Odyssey Marine is the same team that uncovered 17 tons of gold and silver off the coast of Spain last year. Sounds like they did their paperwork first this time. More than a billion dollars in gold coins are assumed to be part of the holdings.

Image by Chris N Wood at Artist’s Harbor.

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  1. Oh man, you’ve scooped Peter! I sent this link to him a while back with a note saying “this is totally yours, dude”. The punchline is, of course, that some of that gold aught to be used on a project that celebrates Britain’s maritime (and scientific) heritage, you know, something like rebuilding HMS Beagle or sommat.

  2. Two buckets of gold for the HMS Beagle, one bucket of gold for me, two buckets of gold for a satellite, one bucket of gold for me…

  3. HMMM. the H.M.S Victory (1768-present) never sunk off Spain. in fact it is still commissioned ship in the royal navy. so clearly this forum/blog has its facts wrong!

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