Fabric Giant Isopod

rimg11485I really want this so badly! Too bad I both can’t sew (except of course field wounds) and read Japanese.  Maybe Ellie can help me out.  Better yet maybe I can get several of them and combine them with a crocheted rotten fish carcass. Then Kevin, Peter, and I could have a few pints and reenact the below. Which makes me all wonder if anybody still does macromae.

8 Replies to “Fabric Giant Isopod”

  1. Johann and I are working on Tammy for this one. She looked at it and figured a plan out in about 5 minutes. Now Johann and I will have to do dishes for the next two months…but hey…

  2. Wow that video was amazing, and the size of both those crabs and the isopod, I actually have seen crabs that size before but not in their natural environment.

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