Out of the Depths, We are Reborn! (again)

You are probably getting tired of moving your bookmarks around by now, but we promise to stay put for a while! Much like the sailors past and present, we are always on the move from port to port. DeepSeaNews.com is now our flagship though, our home base of operations. Craig, Peter and I are very excited to start this new chapter in our ongoing project. The new site will continue to allow us to bring you unfiltered news about the ocean and ongoing deep sea research. It will continue to be a repository of our research adventures and a conversation about the largest and awesomest environment on this planet (and possibly others).

For the geeky of you, we are using WordPress software. I love the layout, flexibility and ease of use and modification. The features that go in the software will hopefully make navigation and reading easier everyone. The website has been an idea in the back of our heads for over a year now. In fact, my 1 year blogiversary (not counting 5 months of guest posts in early 2007) with Deep Sea News is quickly approaching! I finally acquired a few web chops and put together this site with Craig over the span of a month. Eric, my Other 95% coblogger, is helping tie up the loose ends. You’ll notice this is still a work in progress, but it all details, nothing that prevents us from blogging away. Since our philosophy around here is that blogging is an interactive experience, we want to encourage feedback on site design and mechanics in addition to our posts. We have lots of big plans for this site and look forward to unravelling those! Hopefully this explains why we have been silent and, at least for my part, not real strong on content lately. We are kicking it back and promise to be the same ole “garage blog” you grew to love (or hate).

On another note, this weekend I will be in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina for Science Online ’09! I will be comoderating a session on Nature Blogging with GrrlScientist as well as participating in the panel discussion Blogging Adventure: How to Post From Strange Locations with my blogging colleagues Karen James, Talia Page, Anne-Marie Hodge, Meredith Barrett, Vanessa Woods and Rick McPhearson. I am very excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. If you are going to be at the conference make sure you say hi. Make sure to join me for a drink Friday night at the Radisson hotel bar where the marine biologists will be putting on an intereactive sea shanty session led by Karen James, Miriam Goldstein, the Southern Fried Scientist and myself. You don’t have to be a conference participant, nor a marine biologist, to swig ale and belt out shanties!

I will be liveblogging the conference this weekend so keep an eye out here!

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19 Replies to “Out of the Depths, We are Reborn! (again)”

  1. Congrats on your new site! I didn’t realize that your time at Discovery was going to be so short. Anyways the site is looking good and I am looking forward to your future posts.

  2. The new site is just great! Looks very good, well organized, and the navigation is intuitive. Looking forward to continuing to read Deep Sea News, wherever you guys reside on the web. Onward & upward (or downward — DEEP — as it were.)


  3. WTF?!?!? – another freaking URL to change? not to mention the RSS feed on multiple computers. Should I do it now or wait a couple of months to make sure this move sticks? :)

    (translation: love the new site, I’ll check in everyday, will update my blogroll and RSS feed ASAP, you fat bastards)

  4. This is exciting! Each change gives you guys more control.

    The next step will be DSN buying Google and requiring all searches to include the term “Killer Molluscs”

    1. LOL Jeff, is it that obvious!?

      Well, now we have total control. Our own domain and website! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!

  5. If all the deep laddies were blogging away,
    I’d change my RSS reader any day!
    Roll your feed over, oh roll your feed over,
    Roll your feed over, DSN’s better that way.

  6. I thought something was amiss with the move to Discovery, but I actually thought you all just got bogged down with your day jobs. Glad to hear that isn’t the case!

  7. Well, I don’t think I ever updated my blogroll after your first move, so this is timely. ;) Love the f*ing submarine, BTW. Enjoy Raleigh, sorry I won’t be there :(

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