The Best of DSN 2009

What…a…year!  In the beginning of 2009, we kicked our old site to the curb and started the empire that is  One of our ranks received his Ph.D. and flew the coop.  And let’s not forget PLoS One Marine and Aquatic Science started!  Below is our collection of what we perceive to be the best and the posts we enjoyed writing over the course of 2009.  If you enjoyed some of these posts, or are continuing to, then don’t hesitate to nominate these posts for Open Lab 2009: The Best of Science Writing on the Web

  1. Why size matters…sieve size
  2. An Homage to McMaster Carr
  3. Lady bits and man bits in the same beastie
  5. Benthic Rover, Benthic Rover, Send data right over
  6. Dr. M live-blogging from sea Day 1&2, 3&4, 5, 6&7, 8&9, 10, 11
  7. Kevin live-blogging from Brazil (12, 3, 4, 4, 6)
  8. On all the ways we love Sea Sheperd (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)
  10. More Mercury…More Problems
  11. Shrimp Tails: The Tale of New Species
  12. Simple Summer Recipes for Deep-Sea Carrion
  13. Bad Design or Brilliant Solutions
  14. Seawater Redefined
  15. Corals & Seeps, Cause & Effect
  16. Squid Fail
  17. 100 MYA Giant Sperm
  18. Are our old partners friends or foes of sharks?
  19. The Age of Armored Fish Heads
  20. Fish Head, Fish Heads
  21. Moray Eels Are Everywhere and Nowhere
  22. OMZ’s: God Forsaken Pits of Despair
  23. Where and when do vent crabs do it?
  24. Life without toes and….gonads
  25. Lighted whoopie in the deep dark sea
  26. And who could forget all the fun we had during sex week?
  27. Biodiversity Pt 1: Beer, Biodiversity Pt 2: Donuts…an ode to Homer?
  28. Herring Aids
  29. Acid is bad
  30. A personal favorite post…warfare ecology
  31. So you want to be a deep-sea biologist?
  32. Freakin’ Crazy Fish
  33. Big Gulpers of the Deep
  34. Let’s dump stuff in the ocean…uummmm…let’s not

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