For the next 24 hours fund matching

Lots of excitement in the last 24 hours.  Christopher gave $100, Kate gave $54,  and Dana gave $100.  Thanks also go to Peter, Erin, Sarah, and Michael for sizable donations.  But we still have a ways to go.

Eric Heupel as agreed to match dollar for dollar for the next $50 dollars.  That is a two for one special people!  So go make your donation count double.  The Nemo in the Classroom project is just $39 away from funding. Stay tuned because more announcements are soon.  Click on the Donor’s Choose banner on the right to get the donation process going.

UPDATE:  Brian from SandShack has put forth an additional challenge.  He and SandShack will match $70 dollar for dollar.  So the next $120, thanks to Brian and Eric, will be matched.  Keep in mind these are challenges to you and you have the opportunity to make your donation count double.

UPDATE: Thanks to Steve and Jason for donating and meeting Eric’s challenge!  That is $100 raised for the students!

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  1. I finally remembered to post about this over at Squid A Day. And I am bribing people with comics. Hope it drums up some more participation! Thanks again for the awesome idea.

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