People Who Care About the Ocean are Awesome!

Craig’s last challenge was met swiftly thanks to matching contributions from Brian Linton, founder of Sandshack, and Eric Heupel! You guys are rock stars! Not only that but fully funded the invertebrate aquarium project for Mrs. B’s classroom in Texas. Dr. H from Alaska finished off the proposal but it was a combined effort with 8 other fabulous donors. Ocean blog readers are an amazing crew that really value education and put their money where their mouth is! Here is a thank you letter from Mrs. B:

“Dear Christopher, Dr. H, Peter, Timothy, Jeanne, Eric, Jannel & Janet and Anonymous Donor,
I am overwhelmed by the generosity of others. The invertebrate salt water tank was just a dream I put on a wish list and now the dream will come true thanks to people like you. Being able to share the variety of fascinating marine organisms that live in the sea with my students will be wonderful. Being able to explain to them that these things are here because of kind and giving individuals from all over the United States will allow me to add a valuable lesson about philanthropy too.

I am grateful for the organisms and other items of my list and for your show of support for teachers, for students and for spreading the joy and knowledge about our oceans. Your have inspired me and invigorated my spirit. You have touched the lives of my students and like the pebble in the pond, started little ripples that will continue on in ways and directions we may not even know or be able to predict. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough but please accept this very big TEXAS-SIZED THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. B.”

I for one cannot wait to see photos of those kids setting up and enjoying their new aquarium. The power of observation is an art form that will benefit these children greatly throughout their lives. Not only will this enrich the education of 114 students, but EVERY YEAR another 100+ students will be learning about ocean life as long as that aquarium is maintained!

Because people who care about the ocean are so awesome Southern Fried Science has posted another donation match challenge!

“Our 3,000 commenter is Kevin Z, from Deep Sea News. As a reward, Southern Fried Science will match dollar for dollar the next $75 donated to Deep Sea News’ Oceans in the Classroom Initiative. “

Really, this challenge isn’t about Deep Sea News. It is about ocean bloggers pulling together to help ocean education in cash strapped schools. We couldn’t have bagged in OVER $1200 if it wasn’t for the best readership in the blogosphere! You guys are the rock stars, but there is so much more we can do and every $10 or $100 helps. Now your effort will be doubled up to the next $75 thanks to the tubular trio at Southern Fried Science.

Here is the roll call of the fabulous ocean bloggers supporting this initiative:
The Right Blue
Memories of Island and Ocean Life
The Drop-In to Moss Landing Marine Labs
Southern Fried Science
The Other 95% (Eric H is revealing a new molluscan trading card each time a proposal gets funded!)
Squid A Day (She will post squid cartoons for every funded project!)
Matt’s Marine Music Medley

On twitter, the message has been spread by:

Corporate funders:
Bradley Photographic
Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project

Don’t see your name on any of these lists? What are you waiting for! Donate and spread the word! Drop me a line to let me know so I can thank you properly!

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