The First Person to Donate $51 Gets Their Own Deep Sea Song!

Lets bring Oceans in the Classroom up to $300 by the end of the day! “Mrs. M” teaches at a high poverty school in Chicago. She only needs $117 to create a library of resources for her students to learn about the ocean. Having grown in the Midwest, just 2 hours drive from Chicago, I know how important it was to me to watch nature films, read books and have those big field trips to the Shedd Aquarium. Those experiences shaped the marine biologist I am today! Let’s hope to inspire another generation of marine biologists and just as importantly, a generation in touch in with the ocean.

The First person to donate $51 or more will get a song made for them and posted here on Monday morning on a deep sea animal, phenomenon, habitat, etc. of their choice! Just send me a copy of your receipt to our email address on the contact page. This offer runs out 10pm Sunday night!!

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